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Raw Materials Processing and Packaging Facilities

A full range of fireclays are processed at our works and contract processing of various materials is available.

Powdered Fireclay range

Typical Chemical Analysis AA203 AA33 L.I AA33 AA320 AA52 AA212
Silica 54.00 51.94 50.75 43.92 52.60 50.90
Titania 1.28 0.73 0.81 1.76 1.33 2.02
Alumina 28.20 29.03 29.07 35.37 23.10 26.80
Ferric Oxide 2.09 1.30 1.46 1.03 10.70 4.97
Lime 0.36 0.44 0.49 0.27 0.30 0.52
Magnesia 0.93 1.35 1.58 0.83 0.57 1.30
Potash 2.76 2.01 1.85 0.38 2.12 3.18
Soda 0.17 0.57 0.78 0.54 0.33 0.39
Phosphorus Pentoxide 0.06 0.03 0.04 0.08 0.12 0.14
Chromium Sesquioxide 0.02 0.0 0.0 0.01 0.02 0.02
Manganic Oxide 0.02 0.0 0.0 - 0.27 0.06
Zirconia 0.02     - 0.02 0.02
Barium Oxide 0.11     - 0.11 0.06
Strontia 0.02     - 0.01 0.03
LOI 9.34 12.42 12.94 15.58 7.96 10.20

Assorted sack weight and packaging styles are available:

  • Bulk tipper
  • Big-bags
  • Sacks
  • Bulk tanker

Contract Bagging

We also offer a contract bagging service, and can offer a wide variety of packing options. Contact us for more information.

Alfa Greenlite


Give your plants the Greenlite!

Greenlite is an all-purpose water retentive lightweight growing medium.

What Is Alfa Greenlite?

Alfa Greenlite is produced by expanding clay at very high temperatures in a kiln.

For many garden uses, including hanging baskets, pots and tubs, together with house plant and greenhouse needs. Alfa Greenlite has an extensive variety of horticultural applications which includes bulking, benching, crocking, hydroculture, plant decoration, soil aeration, drainage and weed suppressant.

Alfa Greenlite lightweight ceramic granules has a rough abrasive exterior and honeycomb interior, which makes it an excellent natural slug deterrent.

Non-toxic and disease free Greenlite provides a good rooting medium for plants and vegetables.

The capillary attractions of Alfa Greenlite:

  • Does not require renewal or replacement
  • Extremely light and easy to handle
  • Non-toxic, disease free, resistant to algae
  • Encourages rapid growth/root stimulation
  • Unaffected by severe weather or frost
  • Chemically inert pH value of 7 (neutral)
  • Clean and ready for use
  • Remains moist for long periods
  • Hanging Baskets


  • Plant decoration
  • Benching and crocking
  • Plunging and ring culture
  • Soil aeration
  • Hydroculture
  • Bulking
  • Drainage
  • Weed suppressant
  • Slug deterrent

Hanging Baskets

Alfa Greenlite is water retentive and extremely lightweight, utilised in the bottom quarter of the hanging basket within a moss or alternative liner, it reduces overall basket weight and will retain moisture for longer periods.


Alfa Greenlite structure and lightweight properties utilised in the bottom of pots ensure consistency in drainage and aeration. Pots, tubs and especially hanging baskets, can be 'bulked out' with Alfa Greenlite, reducing overall weight, which enables easier handling of planter movement. Containers are also easier to maintain and clean out when required. Alfa Greenlite is a reusable material.

Benching and Crocking

Alfa Greenlite granules spread evenly over flat surfaces of greenhouse benches will retain moisture, permitting upward root watering of potted plants. Benching with moist Alfa Greenlite granules will also improve greenhouse humidity.

Plant Decoration

Alfa Greenlite is an attractive bronze colour, which blends subtly with foliage of almost all plants. The lightweight natural coloured pebbled add a decorative finish to houseplants, window boxes, tubs, plant displays and arrangements.

Ring Culture

Alfa Greenlite used as an additive to light soil gives greater retention of moisture, thereby reducing the need for frequent watering and ensuring improved soil aeration.


Drainage problems associated with your garden? Alfa Greenlite offers a natural solution to heavy clay soils and water flow areas. Alfa Greenlite, a proven material for use in the water drainage of golf courses and football pitches, ensures good drainage, which is essential for vigorous and healthy grass sward. Alfa Greenlite's attractive appearance combines well when in drainage gutters around bowling greens, or tennis courts.

Alfa Greenlite

  • Has a proven record of success
  • Is cleaner than soil-based gardening
  • Allows auto-regulation of water and nutrients
  • Needs less maintenance and supervision
  • No risk of water-logging or of drying out
  • Containers are light, easy to locate and position
  • No re-potting or change of rooting medium required
  • Less risk of parasites and disease
  • Gives improved root growth and plant development
  • Major suppliers of houseplants, horticulturists, gardeners and landscape designers all use Alfa Greenlite for propagation. The use of Alfa Greenlite as a plant holding and rooting medium is world-wide and it has been featured in many gardening publications and on television.

Alfa Greenlite is a garden enthusiast's necessity and is available in bulk or one handed lift, easy to carry 35/50 litre sacks.

Technical Specifications

Green-Lite is an expanded shale lightweight aggregate produced from virgin shales, which are pan ground, blended with fuel and passed through a rotary pellitiser to produce a bed of pellets, which are sintered on a moving hearth at high temperature.

After cooling the product is crushed, screened and packaged.

Chemical Analysis












CaO 0.7-0.9
MgO 1.7-2.1




pH value 7.5
Grain density g/cm


Specific gravity 2.62
I.L. 3% Max
Porosity 35%-40%
Standard grades available 10-5mm